Come Join Us……Be Part of a Havurah

The word havurah comes from the Hebrew word “haver”, meaning friend.  A havurah is a small circle of friends who share your values and interests. They will become your extended family within the greater synagogue community.  Your “haverim” (friends) will be there to rejoice with you in times of happiness and support you in times of difficulty.

If you choose to join a havurah, it will become a wonderful way to experience the warmth and support of a close-knit community.  It’s an opportunity to develop friendships with individuals and/or families who share similar interests by creating an extended family.

You will enjoy Jewish life together by celebrating holidays, planning family events, and participating in social action projects. You might also enjoy an evening out to dinner or the theater.   There is no end to the variety of activities in which havurot can participate.

Your havurah will enrich every aspect of your Jewish life.

If you are interested in learning more about the Jacksonville Jewish Center Havurah experience, contact Falyn Shilts at [email protected].