“Jews-by-Choice are a blessing to the people Israel.  Because Judaism is capable of conferring enormous and religious benefit to individuals and families in search of a spiritual home, we invite and warmly encourage those unconnected to any other faith community to consider the possibility of conversion to Judaism.”

-From the Rabbinical Assembly (Conservative rabbinate) Statement on Conversion

Judaism teaches there are many paths to experiencing a relationship with the Divine.  For this reason we do not proselytize and believe that those of other faiths who live upright and ethical lives are no less beloved of God.

By the same token, however, we warmly welcome spiritual seekers interested in exploring Judaism and recognize there are multiple portals to meaningful Jewish identity.  Some individuals explore conversion because they desire to create a single-faith home with a partner who is already Jewish; others are drawn to Jewish life simply because they sense the enduring wisdom of an ancient tradition that can also speak to the challenges of modern life.

The Jacksonville Jewish Center is blessed with a large number of individuals who are Jews-by-Choice.  Click here for general information about the conversion process at the synagogue.  If you have specific questions or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss conversion, please contact our clergy office at (904) 292-1000, or at [email protected]