Youth Mitzvah Projects


Last year for her Bat Mitzvah Hesed project, Eliza decided to collect citrus for the homeless residents of the I. M. Sulzbacher Homeless Center.  Thanks to all of your donations, she was able to deliver 7,500 pieces of citrus to the Sulzbacher residents last winter.

She has decided to continue this project again this year. She is asking each of you to please bring in bags, baskets or even truckloads of uneaten citrus that you want to share.

Message from Eliza: My mom and I will make multiple trips each week to the Sulzbacher Center with your fruits. I am also looking for anybody who will let me pick fruits from the higher branches of your trees so that you can still enjoy your low hanging fruits. I have made arrangements with the Sulzbacher Center to make deliveries weekly for the next several months. The fruit will be served to the 400-500 residents staying there. I am asking Jacksonville Jewish Center congregants to begin dropping off their fruit as soon as possible. Thank you so much. Eliza Burton Aretz; [email protected]