In life, we learn best through experience. We retain what we discover when we learn with others in environments that embrace, challenge, and accept us. True for children and adults alike, it is through experiential learning and quality relationships that we strive to provide engaging and meaningful Jewish education at the schools of the Jacksonville Jewish Center. Our schools, classes, and programs impart religious character, ethical awareness, and a love of Judaism. We encourage our students to apply their intellectual and spiritual curiosities in order to see life through the lens of Jewish ideas and values.

The Jacksonville Jewish Center provides a variety of educational experiences for our congregation and greater Jewish community. Through our DuBow Preschool, Martin J. Gottlieb Day School (a Solomon Schechter school), Bernard & Alice Selevan Religious School, Setzer Youth Education and Adult Education, we are able to provide a Jewish and secular education to our students, from 1 year olds through 100 year olds.

We look forward to sharing the experience of Jewish study with you.

For more information about our programs, please contact the staff member listed below.

- DuBow Preschool- Shereen Canady at [email protected]

- Martin J. Gottlieb Day School- Nancy Davis at [email protected]

- Bernard and Alice Selevan Religious School- Lois Tompkins at [email protected]

- Setzer Youth Education- Steven Resnick at [email protected]

- Adult Education- Lois Tompkins at [email protected]

Take a look at this video that was created by DuBow Preschool: