College Connection

The Jacksonville Jewish Center would like to keep in touch with our college/graduate students who are studying away from home. Our goal is to continue to engage with our Youth once they leave the nest and go off to college. We want our students to know that the Center provides a place for them to turn and return to. Before Hanukkah and Passover, a small gift will be sent out including a note to your student as they gear up for finals! 

Please help us stay in touch with your student attending college. Simply e-mail Tracy Hilbert the following information or fill out our online form below:

-Your student's name    -Name of college    -School mailing address   

-Student's school phone number or cell number 

-Student's e -mail address    -College Year (sophomore, junior, etc)

There is no fee for participation, though the Center welcomes donations to defray its expenses.

Please submit your college or graduate students information as soon as possible so they can be included in our Hanukkah gift giving!