First Visit

Welcome to the Jacksonville Jewish Center!

We are a community of connection that provides a spiritual home for Jews of all ages. Ours is an inclusive synagogue, which welcomes singles, married/partnered and inter-married/inter-partnered families seeking a home within the Jewish community.

Josh:   "Not so long ago, I would not have believed I’d be active in a synagogue.  A number of years back Lauren and I both realized that we wanted to explore spirituality. The Saturday we visited, Rabbi Lubliner gave a sermon in which he said it was totally acceptable to be uncertain about God and I felt welcomed."

The Jacksonville Jewish Center offers vibrant, meaningful worship services including daily morning and evening minyan, excellent education, youth, adult and Jewish holiday programming, as well as dynamic cultural activities.

Whether singing and celebrating Shabbat together, exploring the insights and wisdom found in our Torah, or making a difference in our community we are a congregational family dedicated to deepening and enriching our connection to Judaism and to one another.  In sharing kiddush or responding to kaddish, our relationship to all things sacred travels through the ties that bind us to one another . . . and vice versa.  

Sara: "I enjoy being part of a community, especially one that holds values that I find important. I like that often the sermons highlight concerns that are shared by many of us, rather than my thinking that a particular issue is unique to me. I have delighted in getting to know other Jacksonville Jewish Center members and I feel comfort in belonging".


To learn more about the Jacksonville Jewish Center, contact our Membership Coordinator, Tracy Hilbert by phone at 904.292.1000 or via email at [email protected].  You may also fill out the online form.