Hesed Community

Hesed Committee

Supporting congregants and their families in times of illness, end of life and bereavement

Co‐Chairs: Rachel Morgenthal and Andrea Hernandez
For more information, please email: h[email protected]

To notify or seek information from the clergy, please contact Danielle at [email protected] or (904) 292-1000 x115.

About the Jacksonville Jewish Center Hesed Committee

Mi-Shebeirakh List
Please call the clergy office if you or a loved one is ill or in the hospital and their name can be added to the Mi-Shebeirakh list for healing prayers. The list is recited every Monday/Thursday and Shabbat morning, and is refreshed throughout the year. We ask that you provide, if possible, the Hebrew names of the person who is ill and his or her mother. 

Pastoral / Spiritual Care
Our clergy and Hesed Committee respond to requests for outreach during times of illness, hospitalization, recuperation from illness and/or at end-of-life. We are available to provide both formal and informal visits, as well as emotional/spiritual support.

Bikur Holim/ Visiting the Sick
Our clergy and Hesed Committee can reach out to congregants in need of healing wherever they may be: at home, in a hospital, rehabilitation facility or hospice. Congregants are welcome to contact the clergy office or the Hesed Committee Chair, if they or their family members become ill and would like to arrange for a visit, a phone call, meals or other caring support.

River Garden visits
The Hesed Committee offers visits to those of our members who have moved to River Garden or any other nursing-home facility. Please call the clergy office or the Hesed Committee Chair to request visits or any other type of outreach.

Funeral and Shiva
In the event of a loved one’s death, our clergy can assist congregants with organizing funeral ceremonies and shiva services, and can offer support through the mourning process.   We can also ensure the memory of your loved one never fades by sending you yearly Yahrzeit reminder notices. If you have a question about Yahrzeit information for your loved ones, please contact the clergy office. Upon request, the Hesed Committee can help provide a minyan for shiva, or food for a shiva meal, if needed.

Bereavement Support
The Hesed Committee offers a bereavement support group, which meets at the Jacksonville Jewish Center every other Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. Contact the Hesed Committee Chair via email at  [email protected] as the date/time is subject to change.

Downloadable Resources

Jewish Family and Community Services, https://jfcsjax.org           

Jacksonville Jewish Center Cemeteries, https://jjcjax.org/about-us/resources/cemetery

Local funeral homes who will arrange a Chevra Kadisha to perform the Jewish ritual of Taharah:

  • Hardage-Giddens Funeral Home - Dignity Memorial