High Holy Days

During the weeks that lead up to the High Holy Days, we are taught to prepare ourselves for a profound time of reflection and spiritual awakening.  We begin to prepare for the process of teshuvah – a return to God and one another.  This is a time of introspection, togetherness and honesty.  It is a time for each of us to re-evaluate our lives and begin the New Year with renewed commitment to the kind of lives we truly hope to live.  As the High Holy Days approach, all of us at the Center are preparing for these special, meaningful Days of Awe.  Our High Holy Day Committee members, along with our synagogue staff, anticipate another wonderful, profound High Holy Day season.  We invite you to join with us as we strive to create High Holy Day experiences that inspire each of us to begin the New Year with joy.  In the High Holy Day Guide, you will find everything you need to know about our services and programs during these coming Days of Awe. The appropriate forms to fill out and return for Preschool Programming, Memorial Plaques and our Yizkor Book, Sisterhood Tallit Project, Congreagtional Dinner in the Sukkah and Guest Tickets and more can be found in the Guide or through the below links.

 We look forward to spending these special days with you and your family.


The entire Jacksonville Jewish Center family personally wishes you and yours: “L’Shanah Tovah – A Good Year!” 

Complete High Holy Days Guide - Click HERE                                                                                                       Service Times - Click HERE

Youth Service Information (Preschool through Grade 12) - (Available Soon)                                                    Oren Margol Break the Fast Fund & Break the Fast - Click HERE

Preschool Aged Children's Programming & Babysitting RSVP form - Click HERE                                             Guest Ticket Information - Click HERE

Kindergarten - 6th Grade Yom Kipper Afternoon children's programming RSVP Form - Click HERE             Greeter & Usher Volunteer Form - Click HERE

Margo's Catering High Holy Day Food Take-out - Click HERE                                                                              Congregational Dinner in the Sukkah RSVP Form - Click HERE

Young Family Simhat Torah Celebration - Click HERE