5777 Simhat Torah Honorees

Each year the Jacksonville Jewish Center invites the Congregation and friends from the community to help us celebrate deserving members of the Center Family.

We are proud to honor Simon Schuster as our Hatan Torah, Kim Glasgal as this year’s Kallat Bereishit, and Carolyn Krestul as our Aishet Hayil.  We will join together for Simhat Torah Services on Tuesday, October 25, at 9:00 AM.  

On Simhat Torah, Jews customarily call up to the Torah a Hatan/Kallat Torah and a Hatan/Kallat Bereishit.  The Hatan/Kallat Torah is the person who receives the closing aliyah in Sefer Devarim.  The Hatan/Kallat Bereishit receives the opening aliyah in Sefer Bereishit. This marks the beginning of the Torah, and we read the seven days of Creation.   

Our Aishet Hayil represents a woman of valor who has served the Jacksonville Jewish Center in an exemplary fashion. 

Simon Schuster, Hatan Torah

Simon Schuster has been a long time member of the Jacksonville Jewish Center and is a Jacksonville native. He grew up in Mandarin, attending various public schools and also attending the Jacksonville Jewish Center’s Religious School. He was involved in various youth programs such as Chalutzim, Kadima, co-president of USY, and AZA (BBYO). He graduated from the University of Florida, studying Marketing and Economics.

Simon is very active in the Center and the Galinsky Academy communities. He has been the Vice President of Services for the Galinsky Academy PTA for the past two years. He coordinates the ‘Holla 4 Challah’ fundraiser for the Galinsky Academy. Last year, as a Purim Carnival Co-Chair, he helped organize one of the biggest Purim carnivals that we have ever had, and he hopes to top last year’s success with an amazing carnival scheduled for this coming March.

Simon owns and operates three small businesses that are based in graphic design, marketing and promotions, and designing school food courts. He is an avid builder, and loves to volunteer his time as much as he can. He often volunteers his time and expertise to provide graphic designs for school shirts and signs, help maintenance with special projects, and is always around to help Dina with the laminator.

Simon has two children Samuel (8) and Joseph (6) enrolled in the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School.


Kim Glasgal, Kallat Bereishit

Kim Glasgal is currently the Sisterhood Treasurer and the co-chair of the Development Committee for the Galinsky Academy Cabinet.  She is also on the Hebrew High Committee for the Galinsky Academy, and is an active member of the Social Justice/Rodef Tzedek committee, for which she is a founding member, and has served on the Board of ICARE - its partner in Social Justice - for three
years.  Additionally, Kim is currently on the Boards of the Jewish Community Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Jacksonville.

Kim moved to Jacksonville 13 years ago from Westchester County, New York, with her husband, Pete Levy, and their two children Rachel, 15, and Evan, 13.  She enrolled her daughter in the DuBow preschool and quickly became involved in the Jacksonville Jewish Center.  She has served as the Jacksonville Jewish Center Sisterhood’s Secretary, Treasurer, VP Youth, VP Education and President.  Additionally, she has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Jacksonville Jewish Center.  Kim also has been on the development committee raising money for the Galinsky Academy since the Martin J Gottlieb Day School's 50th anniversary celebration in 2011/2012, which helped to raise $1.8 million for the schools of the Center.  Outside of the Center, she has served on the Election Advisory Panel of the City of Jacksonville and has worked actively on voting rights issues.

Kim was born in New York City and grew up in New York, Germany, and New Jersey.  After graduating from Cornell University's College of Engineering with a degree in Computer Science, Kim moved back to New York City and worked as a systems analyst for Accenture, where she met her husband Pete.  She also worked as an independent systems consultant, a programmer for Glasgal Communications, Inc., her father's company, and spent many years working in her husband's company.  She has just finished 10 years working for the Martin J Gottlieb Day school as the technology coordinator.

The Jacksonville Jewish Center is the first synagogue she has ever been a member of and enjoys working to make others feel as welcome and comfortable here as she has been made to feel.


Carolyn Krestul, Aishet Hayil     

Carolyn has been active at the Jacksonville Jewish Center since 1962, when she married lifelong member Nathan Krestul.  She is a member of two daily minyan teams, and is a regular Shabbat greeter.  She is also a member of the Center’s Archives Committee, Membership Committee and Social Action Committee, where she  regularly preparing meals at the Sulzbacher Center.  A Jacksonville native, Carolyn worked as a social worker both in Jacksonville and Providence, Rhode Island, after college.  She returned to Jacksonville to marry Nate, the love of her life and husband for 43 years. Carolyn and Nate had three children, JoAnne, Charlie and Miriam, who grew up at the Center.

Carolyn is a past-President and lifetime member of the National Council of Jewish Women, and a long-time member of Hadassah, Jacksonville Jewish Center Sisterhood, the National Organization for Women and the League of Women Voters. She is a past volunteer at River Garden and a former member of the Jacksonville Foster Care Review Board. 

Carolyn is happy to be a participating Jacksonville Jewish Center member after 54 years.