Shavu'ot 5778

Join us for Shavu'ot at the Jacksonville Jewish Center!

Saturday, May 19 - Erev Shavu'ot

Tikkun Leil Shavu'ot - "The Constitution and the Covenant: Finding Torah in the Bill of Rights"

Evening's Schedule:
Minhah: 7:00 PM       
Seudah Shlishith: 7:45 PM        
Ma'ariv: 8:45 PM       
Refreshments & Reflections on the Bill of Rights with the Honorable Judge Harvey Schlesinger: 9:15 PM      
Session I:  9:50 – 10:30 PM
Session I Options:

Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner - Fifth Amendment: The Right Not to Incriminate Oneself

Why does the Bill of Rights include this provision?  Against what abuses of power was it intended to protect?  Jewish law goes far beyond the Fifth Amendment: it does not allow a person to incriminate himself even if he is ready and willing to confess!  What is the basis for the divergence between the constitutional view and that of halakhah.

Rabbi Shira M.T. Rosenblum - First Amendment: Free Speech

Americans cherish freedom of speech as a fundamental right, but what do we mean by the term?  What limits have the Supreme Court placed upon by free speech?  Does Judaism have a counterpart to “Free Speech”?  What obligations and limitations does Jewish law place upon what we say and where we say it?  Do American and Jewish law complement or contradict one another in this regard?

Session II:  10:35 – 11:15 PM 
Session II Options:

Hazzan Jesse Holzer - Thirteenth Amendment: The Abolition of Slavery

How does American law define slavery?  How about Jewish law?  Clearly certain kinds of slavery were permitted by halakhah – which ones would be classified as slavery as understood by the Constitution?  When did Jewish law outlaw slavery? (assuming it did).  This might also be a good session to include some reference to human trafficking and how/why it is not only immoral, but a violation of Jewish law.

Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner - Eighth Amendment: The Right to Not Suffer Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Why is or isn’t capital punishment cruel or unusual?  How have American courts understood the limits of the 8th Amendment in different ways at different times?  How does Judaism view capital punishment?  What judicial strictures are placed on its use in Jewish law?  Should Jews be in favor or opposed to capital punishment?  Should they serve on juries in capital cases?  This might be a good session to teach Jeremy Kalmonofsky’s CJLS teshuvah on Jews serving on capital case juries.

Session III:  11:20 – 12 Midnight  
Session III Options:

Hazzan Jesse Holzer - Eighteenth/Twenty-First Amendments: Prohibition and Its Repeal – What, exactly, did the Volstead act prohibit and why was it repealed?  How does Judaism look at alcohol and why does it take a different perspective on the consumption of alcohol?

Rabbi Shira M.T. Rosenblum - Second Amendment: The Right to Bear Arms

How has the interpretation of the Second Amendment changed over the past two centuries?  What does Jewish law have to say about the obligation to bear arms and how does this dovetail with the original understanding of the Second Amendment?  Outside of military service, what limits does Judaism place upon the sale, storage, and use of dangerous weapons?  Is halakhah opposed to the current interpretation of the Second Amendment or only to the way it is viewed by some gun advocates?

Sunday, May 20 - First Day of Shavu'ot

9:00 AM - Shavu'ot Morning Services & 5778 Confirmation


Setzer Youth Education at the Galinsky Academy requests the honor of your presence at the Confirmation of our Siyyum Graduates on the first day of Shavu'ot, Sunday Morning, May 20, 2018, at 9:00 AM.

5778 / 2018 Siyyum Graduates

Jacob A., Shira D., Joshua F., Allie I., Ellis L., Sabrina M., Max M., Montgomery P., Reesa Z., Abby Z.


9:30 AM: Complimentary Babysitting is available for children ages 1 - 5 in the DuBow Preschool till 12:30 PM.

10:30 AM: Youth Shavu'ot; Children in Kindergarten through 5th grade and their families are invited to the Joe & Sophie Witten Chapel for an interactive service designed especially for them!

Kiddush luncheon in honor of our Siyyum graduates will follow.

7:58 PM: Candle Lighting

8:00 PM: Minhah followed by study session with Rabbi Shira M.T. Rosenblub and Ma'ariv.

Monday, May 21 - Second Day of Shavu'ot

9:00 AM: Shavu’ot Morning Services with Yizkor & Hidon Yahadut (Judaics Challenge)

9:30 AM: Complimentary Babysitting is available for children ages 1 - 5 in the DuBow Preschool till 1:00 PM.

10:30 AM: Camp Shavu'ot; Kindergarten through 2nd graders are invited to the Neal F. Portnoy Youth Lounge to participate in an abbreviated youth-led service. After the service, we will break into smaller groups to engage in fun, educational activities that are connected to Shavu'ot.

10:30 AM: Youth Shavu'ot Hidon Yahadut; All Galinsky Academy students in grades 3rd-8th are invited to the Joe & Sophie Witten Chapel to participate. The Hidon will begin with preliminary elimination rounds during our Youth Shavu’ot services and the final rounds will take place in the main sanctuary at 11:30 AM.

Kiddush luncheon will follow and ice cream will be served!

7:00 PM: Join Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner for Talmud Class in the Ansbacher Family Administrative Lounge

8:00 PM: Minhah followed by study session with Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner and Ma'ariv.

8:57 PM: Yom Tov Ends