Shavu'ot 5779

Join us for Shavu'ot at the Jacksonville Jewish Center!

Saturday, June 8 - Erev Shavu'ot

On Shavu’ot we celebrate the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. We welcome the festival with Tikkun Leyl Shavu’ot, an evening in which we encounter the sacred texts of our heritage and explore their meaning for our lives. Join us as we travel to Mount Sinai . . . without leaving the neighborhood! Our program begins at the synagogue and moves to homes within walking distance of the Center.

Tikkun Leyl Shavu'ot - " The Road To Sinai Runs Through Mandarin"

Evening's Schedule:
Minhah: 7:15 PM       Seudah Shlishith: 7:45 PM        Ma'ariv: 8:45 PM       Festival Candle Lighting: 9:08 PM


What’s More Important to Being Jewish:  Study or Action?

Seudah Shlishith, Shabbat afternoon

Since Talmudic times Jews have argued about whether it’s more important to learn Torah for its own sake or perform mitzvoteven if one has less time to study.   There are a lot of good arguments on both sides.  We’ll explore the sources and add our own voices to an age-old conversation.

Where will I go after I Die: Jewish Views on the Afterlife

graciously hosted by Dot Verstandig at her home

We know Jews don’t believe that after death we float around on clouds, wearing halos and strumming harps – or do we?  We’ve all wondered what happens to us after we end our years on earth; do we know what Judaism has to say about life after death?  You may be very surprised.

Standing on the Sidelines: Righteous Gentiles in the Bible

graciously hosted by Gloria Einstein at her home

They’re not pagans, but believers in the one true God.  They’re also not members of the Jewish people.  We often think the lines between Israelites and non-Israelites is drawn starkly and clearly.  Yet as these fascinating biblical figures prove, there have always been fellow travelers who share with us basic beliefs and values without being a part of our people.  In an era where a growing number of Jews have non-Jewish family members, whether because of conversion or marriage, the biblical stories of Jethro, Malkhi-Tzedek and others offer a fascinating window on the present from the past.

Sunday, June 9 - First Day of Shavu'ot

9:00 AM: Shavu'ot Morning Service

As you well know, Lois is completing her 18th and final year as the Principal of the Bernard & Alice Selevan Religious School. In addition to her lengthy tenure as the director of the religious school, Lois has served as the coordinator of our adult education program. She is also a true dugmah, a role model in her own personal commitment to Jewish practice and Torah study. It is appropriate at this junction, as Lois prepares to retire (at least from the religious school) to honor her achievements and recognize her long years of dedicated service to the Jacksonville Jewish Center.

We will pay tribute to Lois on Shavu’ot – the holiday on which we celebrate the giving of Torah and the joy of Jewish learning. We hope that you will join us Sunday morning, June 9, at services beginning at 9:00 AM. Throughout the morning, there will also be a number of speakers highlighting her myriad contributions to our congregation as educator, mentor, and friend. A special Kiddush luncheon in Lois’ honor will follow services.

9:30 AM: Complimentary Babysitting is available for children ages 1 - 5 in the DuBow Preschool till 12:30 PM.

10:30 AM: Youth Shavu'ot; Children in Kindergarten through 5th grade and their families are invited to the Joe & Sophie Witten Chapel for an interactive service designed especially for them! We will follow the traditional outline of the service using upbeat melodies and alternative methods of leading each prayer such as charades, "popcorn-style" and more.

Kiddush luncheon in honor of Lois Tompkins will follow morning services.

8:00 PM: Minhah followed by a study session with Rabbi Shira M.T. Rosenblum and Ma'ariv

9:08 PM: Festival Candle Lighting

Monday, June 10 - Second Day of Shavu'ot

9:00 AM: Shavu'ot Morning Services including Yizkor

9:30 AM: Complimentary Babysitting is available for children ages 1 - 5 in the DuBow Preschool till 1:30 PM.

10:30 AM: Camp Shavu'ot; Children in Kindergarten through 5th grade are invited at 10:30 AM to the Neal F. Portnoy Youth Lounge to participate in an abbreviated youth-led service. After the service, we will engage in fun, educational activities that are connected to the holiday of Shavu'ot.

Kiddush luncheon will follow morning services and ice cream will be served!

8:00 PM: Minhah followed by a study session with Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner and Ma'ariv

9:09 PM: Yom Tov Ends