Illness or Loss

The Jacksonville Jewish Center family is here for you during all stages of life.

Please call the synagogue office to let us know if you are going into the hospital, or if you are recuperating from an illness or surgery. Our clergy and our Hesed committee volunteers are available to provide support and resources by:          

Making visits to those who are ill, whether in the hospital, rehab facility or home

Reaching out to those who are ill, or to their families, through a phone call or card

Providing a meal or meals, or any other support

Staying in touch with those whose names are on the Mi-Shebeirakh list for healing prayers on Shabbat morning

Visiting our members who have moved to River Garden or any other nursing home facility

To Report a Hospitalization please use this form.

The Mi-Shebeirakh List

The list is recited every Monday/Thursday and Shabbat morning, and is refreshed throughout the year. We ask that you provide, if possible, the Hebrew names of the person who is ill and his or her mother. Contact Danielle Berke to add a name to our list. 

In Times of Loss

In times of loss, we can reach out to the greater community with notices of your loved one's passing. We can organize a shiva minyan.  We can ensure the memory of your loved one never fades by sending you yearly Yahrzeit reminder notices. If you have a question about Yahrzeit information for your loved ones, please contact Danielle Berke in the clergy office at [email protected] or call 904-292-100 x115.

Coping with Loss

Coping With Loss is a support group that offers a safe and supportive place to share your grief. We ask that you pre-register if you are attending the class which meets twice a month by contacting Beth Shorstein.

For more information about our Hesed Committee, please click HERE