Minyannaires Shabbat

Religious Life Committee Announces this year's Scott P. Zimmerman Minyannaire of the Year!


Minyannaire Shabbat has become a very special day on the calendar at the Center.  Not only have we, as a congregation, been able to express our appreciation for our Minyannaires – those who attend weekday and Shabbat afternoon services each day on a regular basis - but also to honor one individual who has shown significant dedication to our daily Minyan.

This year, we are proud to honor Herb Plotkin, a Minyan attendee for well over 60 years!

Herb grew up in an observant household in Brooklyn, NY where his father taught him that when you have two coins in your pocket, you need to give one to someone less fortunate.  His father was a Minyan attendee at their synagogue and instilled in Herb the importance and dedication of playing a role in your community.

Herb and his brother used to hang out at the neighborhood candy store where Meyer Lansky and the Murder, Inc. crew presided over their business in the back room.   The family made the decision to move to Baltimore just prior to Herb’s Bar Mitzvah, to make sure that he and his brother did not grow up to become gangsters.

He eventually made his way to Jacksonville where he opened his Pharmacy, met Rose Lynn, a beloved former MJGDS teacher, and raised their three children.  They will celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary at the end of December. 

“When there is a Minyan and someone is saying kaddish you have to be there as a means of respect.  You need to be a part of the community not only in spirit but in body also” Herb shared.  “To me, it was always a sense of caring when you could express your condolences to someone who had recently suffered a loss and make them feel at home within the Minyan.”

Herb took on the role of Minyan captain in the late 1980’s assuming the leadership for Tuesday mornings.  He eventually stepped aside almost 20 years later.   He remains a regular weekly attendee of the Friday morning Minyan. 

We will honor Herb and celebrate all of our Minyannaires on Shabbat morning March 3, 2018.  We invite the entire congregation to share in this celebration with the Plotkin family.