RE: MIND - Mental Health Initiative

RE:MIND; a congregational initiative to improve community mental health


RE:MIND is a JJC initiative with the goals of 1) improving literacy, awareness and understanding about individuals and families dealing with mental illness, 2) reducing stigma that prevents acceptance and outreach to our congregants and others in our community and 3) promoting actions for individual mental wellness.

RE:MIND, has been an evolving initiative in response to implementing recommendations from the 2014 JCCI Mental Health Inquiry. Click HERE to review the JCCI Mental Health Inquiry & Summary documents.

Key findings of this Inquiry:

  • Mental illness is a biological condition affecting brain and body
  • 20 – 25% of all adults & children in US have a mental illness in a single year; 50% in a lifetime
  • Majority go undiagnosed and/or untreated
  • Persons with mental illness have increased risk of other chronic diseases

Northeast Florida

  • People with mental illness are stigmatized
  • Shortage of mental health professionals
  • System of care is fragmented
  • Public sector is severely underfunded
  • Mental illness can be effectively treated but not cured

The intent of RE:MIND is to be a faith-based initiative  among many other Jacksonville community-wide educational and event opportunities.  We want to link our congregants to both opportunities at the Center as well as elsewhere. This is a long term initiative that affects congregational acceptance, understanding and kindness toward individuals and families.

Maintaining confidentiality/privacy is of great importance to persons who may feel stigmatized.  The desired outcome from the RE:MIND educational efforts is to neutralize stigma by talking about mental illness like any other physical ailment. RE:MIND is about changing the culture of the congregation.