Sukkot Across Jax

Sukkot is one of the most joyous and fun-filled holidays found in the Jewish calendar. In Hebrew, it’s a z’man simchateinu, a time of our rejoicing. After the pomp and circumstance of the High Holidays, we are gifted with one of the happiest of holidays focused on eating in the sukkah amongst family and community. Each night of Sukkot we are asked to invite our ancestors in the sukkah as Ushpizin, symbolic of the very real guests we are encouraged to invite into joining our celebration. For many of us, we may not have easy access to wine and dine in our very own sukkah. This Fall, the Jacksonville Jewish Center will experiment with a “Sukkot across Jax” to match up families who have traditionally put up a sukkah or would like to put up one for the first time with those who are unable to put one up. On October 18, members of our community will host and be hosted throughout Jacksonville as we celebrate Sukkot’s message of coming together. If you’re looking for some help with Sukkot menu, Margo’s Catering is offering traditional and non-traditional Sukkot menus for all your catering needs.

To sign up to host or be hosted visit

Contact Hazzan Jesse Holzer at [email protected], if you have any questions!