Teachers' Supply Depot

Teachers' Supply Depot Drive 

The Teacher Supply Depot is a warehouse of reusable materials donated by businesses and community members. These materials are distributed free to public school teachers to enhance instruction in their classroom and promote student achievement.

Most of the items donated to the Teacher Supply Depot were destined for the landfill. Instead of adding to the county’s solid waste disposal difficulties, these materials now end up as creative student projects and innovative teaching aids. Items include art, office, paper and science supplies; student incentives; overruns; punch-outs; end cuts and many other open ended materials.

Since its first opening in September of 1996, more than 1,400 contributors donated over $55 million worth of supplies. By the end of the 2013-2014 school year, the Teacher Supply Depot conducted 192 give-away days logging over 55,600 teacher, principal and PTA president visits.

The Teacher Supply Depot enjoys tremendous support from the business community, volunteers, the media and the many other individuals who are contributors.  Please see the flyer in the DuBow/Cohen Lobby or below for all items that are needed and bring them to the Center, or click on this link. You can also drop them off during the week. For further information, please call Mimi & Marty Kaufman, 626-2472, or Rhoda Goldstein, 268-8124.